Policies Page


Since LWT measures its period of attendance in clock hours rather than credit hours, credits earned at other institutions are not accepted. There are no articulation or transfer agreements with any other colleges or universities.


Tuition and welding supplies (if applicable) must be paid in full before the student starts the first day of class, unless a funding commitment letter has been received from a pre-approved outside funding source or agency for the tuition. LWT accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

If payment is not received by the start date, the student will not be allowed to start class. 

Tuition is based on the course length and time of day. Please note that evening classes are only available when demand exists for them. Tuition is as follows for 2012:

1 week (40 hrs) Course $1,350.00
2 weeks (80 hrs) Course $2,400.00
3 weeks (120 hrs) Course $3,625.00
5 weeks (200 hrs) Pipe Welding Course $6,700.00
12 weeks (480 hrs) Combination Welder Course $11,500.00


All students are required to have the following supplies at the beginning of their class: welding hood, welding jacket with leather sleeves, welding gloves, safety glasses, Mig welder pliers and welder’s cap. These can be purchased through the school if the student so desires and arranges with the school. Leather steel toe boots are also required, but are not available to purchase through the school. Please check with school administration for the cost of supplies for your particular course.


For 40 hour course the cancellation & refund policy is as follows:

– 100% Refund – Five days prior to class time.
– 90% Refund – Less than 5 days prior to class through first 4 hours.
– 70% Refund – After first 4 hours through 10 hours.
– 50% Refund – After first 10 hours through 15 hours.
– 25% Refund – After 15hours through 24 hours.
– 0% Refund – After 24 hours of class.

For all other course the cancellation & refund policy is as follows:

– 100% Refund – Five days prior to class time.
– 90% Refund – Less than 5 days prior to class through 1st day.
– 70% Refund – After 1st day through 3rd day.
– 50% Refund- After 3rd day through 4th day.
– 25% Refund- After 4th day through 7th day.
– 0% Refund- After 7th day.

For students in an individual class or a series of classes: A student withdrawing after starting class forfeits all payments of tuition for that class.

We will also hold a $100 nonrefundable administrative fee out of all cancellations. 


If a student should have concerns or complaints against the school these are the steps that should be taken to resolve the issue:

1. Discuss the matter with the instructor.
2. Discuss with the School Coordinator.
3. Discuss with the School President.
4. If it becomes necessary, the individual may contact:

ND Department of Career and Technical Education

Attn: Debra Huber
State Capital, 15th Floor
600 East Boulevard Ave Dept 270
Bismarck ND 58505-0610
(701) 328-2678


Students are responsible for securing their own housing and meals. Contact administration department for additional housing information.

Students will be given one half hour for lunch. You may bring lunch with you; a microwave and refrigerator are available.


Students must maintain a 2.0 (C) or higher on the classroom portion of the welding program they are enrolled in. If this benchmark is not maintained a student will be placed on academic probation and must then meet the instructor and school administrator to develop a plan to attain the required grade.

Students must be in attendance for at least 90% of each program or as required by employer’s company policy. This is necessary to successfully complete the welding program, and to receive a certificate of completion. LWT will make every effort to allow make-up time for legitimate absences such as illness, death, etc. Make-up time is dictated by booth availability.


Lynnes Welding Training strives to create a healthy and safe environment for all our students. When this is compromised, such as sexual harassment, safety and or personal well-being, a student may be suspended or terminated based upon findings by the School Administration.


During and at the end of each program, written test and welding samples will be tested to determine the student’s ability to successfully complete and pass each program.

Weld samples are tested to AWS, ASME and API welding codes.

Written tests are graded on the following scale:

100% – 90% = A
89% – 80% = B
79% – 70% = C
69% – 60% = D
59% – or lower = F

Students must maintain an average of a “C” or higher in order to pass the course(s). 0% – 69% = unsatisfactory/failed

70% – 100% = satisfactory/passed


Students unable to maintain a “C” grade level or higher can reschedule a course. If by the instructor, the students’ work or conduct is unsatisfactory, the instructor may, with adequate warning, dismiss them for failure to comply with any of the school’s published rules. A dismissed student may be readmitted at a later date if, in the opinion of the school staff, the student will attain adequate performance and conduct levels.


Students who have successful completion of desired course will earn a Certificate of Completion.


Weld tests are included in the tuition amount paid by the student or funding agency. Students wanting to submit any weld test not in our curriculum for an x-ray or bend test must pay in advance prior to taking the weld test.


The student must make arrangements with the instructor to ensure that all work is made-up before the end of class.


Faculty and staff are readily available to advise students in their academic progress. In the event that a student should need additional assistance for matters that are beyond academic or training issues, referrals for outside counseling are available.


All students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times. Misconduct such as fighting, use of illegal drugs or alcohol or carrying of weapons will not be tolerated. No cell phone usage is allowed during class hours.


Participants will be required to wear safety footwear and safety glasses with side-shields while in Lynnes Welding Training. Face Shields will be worn along with safety glasses when grinding. Face shields will be in each grinding booth and are required to wear.

Note: Ankle High Leather Shoes with Safety Toes are required! If Students Wear Glasses, They Must Be the Safety Type! Absolutely No Jewelry! 


Deliberate damage, theft or any vandalism to tools, equipment/facility will not be tolerated.


Students are responsible for their own medical care and expenses. Students are not covered by LWT insurance or industrial compensation.


While visiting or attending classes at Lynnes Welding Training is held absolutely free from all claims for injury that may be sustained by students while on the premise.


Students must also authorize Lynnes Welding Training to release information about their school record. Such information may include date of birth, address, phone number, dates of attendance and graduation, grades, course(s), punctuality, employment and general comments.


In order to assist our students in becoming employed welders, we make every attempt to expose our students to employment opportunities in the local and regional market. On a regular basis, LWT will bring in employers and employment agencies to address the students and let them know of the opportunities available in the marketplace for welders. LWT will maintain a job board in the classroom for jobs that it is aware of for students to monitor and contract accordingly. Further, when LWT becomes aware of welding jobs directly from employers making requests of LWT to help fill their employment positions, LWT will contact students to the extent that the student’s contact information is current and up to date.


No employment is guaranteed as a result of this education.