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Reading Requirements

Our text, films and materials require that you can read, write, communicate, and understand the English Language at a 6th grade level.  If you cannot meet these requirements, please advise us so we may try to accommodate you. Will you need accommodations?

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements are; standing for long periods of time, bending, grasping, moving in small areas, and be able to lift 50lbs.  These requirements are those of the school and may exceed in an actual work environment.

Vision Requirements

All applicants must pass an eye examination, with or without corrective lenses, to prove near vision acuity on Jaeger J2 at 12 in. or greater (≥30.5 cm). Proof is required from the appointment and needs to have been done within the last year.

Criminal History

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Demographic Information

The following information is gathered for statistical data and alumni listings.

Program/Skills Course

The below pricing is through June 30th, 2024 only.

Pricing for the fiscal year beginning July 1st, 2024 will be available in Spring 2024. Note: Maximum class size is 12 students resulting in a student to class ratio of 12:1 (ND: Day classes are held Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:30PM Labor Day - Memorial Day and 7:00am – 3:30pm Memorial Day - Labor Day) (MN: Day classes are held Monday – Friday 7:00AM-3:30PM.) (Part time night classes hours are Monday – Friday 6:00pm – 10:00pm). 

Supplies Required

All students are required to have the following supplies at the start of their class: welding jacket, welding gloves, safety glasses, auto darkening helmet with extra lenses, welders cap, fillet weld gage, and welper pliers. These can be purchased through the school and must be arranged before the first day of class. 

Leather steel toe boots are also required, but are not available to purchase through the school. 

Students are also required to purchase a grinder for the Pipe Skills Courses, Combination Welder I and II Programs (It is recommended an 11 amp, 11,000 RMP, 4.5” grinder be purchased).

Please note, ALL grinders must have a safety guard.


Payment is required before the start of class, or otherwise prearranged.  Please select one or more of the following options.

There is a nonrefundable 3% Convenience Fee for all Credit Card purchases

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