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Welding Career: What Makes a Good Welder?

Welders handle all the metal works in industrial, home, and commercial establishments. They ensure that pipes and metal foundations are correctly assembled to prevent unexpected accidents. In this industry, it’s crucial

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A Guide to Getting Into Pipeline Welding

One of the important things about the welding industry is the pipeline, mainly for power plants, industrial facilities, and other commercial buildings. Pipeline welding is repairing and assembling metal pipes, tubes,

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CWI Preparation and Exam

By Brandon Markey, Instructor – Lynnes Welding Training, Fargo, ND I recently completed the AWS CWI Seminar and Exam in Minneapolis, MN and I wanted to share my experience with everyone

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Using your GI Bill®

By Jess Johnson Hi, I’m Jess Johnson. I am the Director of Admissions and the Veterans Affairs School Certifying Official (SCO) for Lynnes Welding Training, Inc. in Fargo, ND. We also

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Student Services at LWT

by Alisha Hauber One of the many services we offer to all our students is Student Services. Students can come to us for one-on-one help creating unique, welding-focused Resumes, Cover Letters

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June 27th, 2018

Hello, Dave here,

Being part of the welding industry for over 30 years, I still enjoy learning something new about welding and sharing my experiences. I have worked as a welder, supervisor, educator, inspector, and business owner.  I have also been a member of the AWS for over 26 years and I have held officer positions at the local and national level.

I know there are several other YouTube channels featuring videos and welding lessons out there, but I hope to share my experiences with you so you can continue to learn. We will put up a new blog post every Wednesday. Some of the articles will have videos and others will be information about the welding industry and our school.

Dave Lynnes
President – Lynnes Welding Training, Inc.

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