Student Services at LWT

by Alisha Hauber

One of the many services we offer to all our students is Student Services. Students can come to us for one-on-one help creating unique, welding-focused Resumes, Cover Letters to help them stand out from all the other candidates applying for a position, as well as Employment Searching and Interview Advice. During their time here, they also get to tour the facility of at least one of the area’s top welding related employers, and have employers come directly to the school to recruit!


Advice for those who are thinking about joining the welding industry/taking one of our courses:

  1. Do it! Now is the perfect time to become a part of the welding industry! Employment opportunities are numerous/varied, and the economy/industry is strong right now! The baby boomer generation is heading towards retirement and with that comes hundreds of thousands of welding jobs that are left open, leaving a huge demand for skilled welders!
  2. Start looking at all the employment opportunities available and considering them for future employment. See which welding process(s) they are using and what qualifications they are looking for so that you can prepare effectively for those positions!
  3. Find us on YouTube! Start watching our welding videos and getting a better/broader understanding of welding so that you can see if welding would be a good fit for you. Then, if you enjoy our videos, please subscribe to our channel!
  4. Request an information packet so that you can get in touch with one of our team members!

Advice for our Current Students:

  1. Utilize your time with us thoroughly!
    1. Come to class early and prepared to learn as much as you can.
    2. Spend as much time as you can in the welding booth and learning from one of our fantastic instructors!
    3. Utilize our Student Services department for help with employment searching and document preparation.
  2. Start looking into future employment opportunities right away. Get a feel for the industry and the different options available.
  3. As you get closer to graduating, start applying for jobs and setting up interviews so that you have a job lined up for yourself for right after graduation. If you don’t use it, you lose it!
  4. Research the company that you are applying for before you apply or interview with them so that you know what they do, what they are looking for, and how you can best sell yourself as the right candidate for their team.
  5. Keep your options open. You may find a company that you hadn’t considered that is a perfect fit for you. If you hadn’t kept your options open, you would have missed out on that perfect opportunity!

Advice for Alumni:

  1. Keep in touch! We want to know where you are employed and how you are doing!
  2. Add us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter so that you can stay in the loop about alumni events and job openings.
  3. Remember that we still offer you placement assistance! We can help you update your resume and search for jobs!
  4. If you learned a lot and enjoyed the training we provided, please consider leaving a review on Facebook or Google so that other people thinking about taking one of our courses can consider your positive experience when making their decision!


Alisha Hauber
Student Services Coordinator

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