Welding Certification Test in MN and ND

Need welding training for welding certifications for A GRANT for current A GRANT to obtain employees?

Benefits of Workforce Training

SHARP, SKILLED WELDERS – you depend on them to keep your operation profitable.  Continuing training for your welding staff is one of the best investments you can make by increasing your welding staff’s efficiency and keeping rework costs down.  Lynnes Welding Training (LWT) makes those goals attainable.

Workforce Training tailored to your business and staff.  We build a unique program fitting your circumstances after assessing your materials, processes, current skill set, and facility equipment.  Ultimately, our goal is to increase your staff’s skills. Provide them with the knowledge to become productive welders. Become problem solvers with a comprehensive understanding of equipment and basic troubleshooting skills.

Training Areas Offered

  • Plate and Pipe
  • Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Welding Symbols
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Welding Procedures Specifications (WPS)
  • Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
  • Pipe Fitting Fundamentals

Hear it from companies that have benefited from workforce training and testing!

Dakota Bodies

“We’ve had over 50 of our aluminum Welders trained at Lynnes over the last 6 years.  Great instructors, detailed course, practical applications, with high retention when back on the job.  Exceptional value!” ~Joel G.

Interested in learning about options that you might qualify for? Check out available MN Grants:

Welder Qualification Testing & Certification

Lynnes Welding Training of Fargo is an Accredited Test Facility  through the American Welding Society. Current students at LWT and welders in the industry will have the option of sending their welder qualifications to the American Welding Society to receive an ID card with transferable credentials that can be used wherever they go.

Offsite weld testing is also available for companies and other schools.

  • Send potential employees for testing at our facility
  • Certify welders to meet compliance with project specifications and AWS/CWA standards.


For more information about the ATF please email Dave Lynnes at [email protected].

Specialty Courses

We watch and listen to the needs of the welding and manufacturing industry. Using that information, we design specialty courses that improve the skills, increase the knowledge, and teach participants to consider the overall manufacturing processes. These courses benefit more than just the welder behind the torch, including engineers,  designers, supervisors and quality control people.

View our current offerings then call (701) 893-2295 or email [email protected] to discuss specific benefits our customized training and course will offer your organization.

Lean Welding™

Learn the effect of shielding gas and other weld parameters on weld penetration and deposition rates. Develop the skills to better manage the welding operation in your business.

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Prep-CWI Course

This course is designed for engineers, quality control & quality assurance personnel, project and contract managers, inspectors, construction foremen, welders and welding supervisors intended on participating in the American Welding Society’s one week Certified Welding Inspectors seminar.

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Choice of Training Locations

We will accommodate your training needs by offering training and testing at our three locations or onsite at your facility. We also provide all the tools, materials, and space at our facilities, so you’re not cutting into your production resources.

2717 3rd Ave North,
Fargo, ND 58102
Fax 701-373-0659

4329 Centurion Dr. Unit 9,
Bismarck, ND 58504
Fax: 701-893-2297

9459 US-10
Ramsey, MN 55303
Fax: 701-373-0659

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Employer Testimonials

TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial

American Crystal Sugar Co.

“The staff at Lynnes Welding Training is exceptional to work with, especially when it comes to organizing training sessions or last minute attendee changes. American Crystal employees appreciate the individual ...
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Workforce Training Testimonial


Lynnes Welding Training’s contributions to QA1 have helped our business secure the quality and compliance that we are continually looking to improve.  Dave Lynnes and his staff enthusiastically brought their ...
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TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial


“Lynnes goes beyond the basic weld development of its students which has been proven through the alumni we have working with us today. If you are looking for a fast ...
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TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial

Dakota Bodies

“We’ve had over 50 of our aluminum Welders trained at Lynnes over the last 6 years.  Great instructors, detailed course, practical applications, with high retention when back on the job.  ...
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TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial


“As a large employer in a tight job market – we needed an edge to ensure we had qualified Talent working on our production line.  With a very small pool ...
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