Aluminum Gas Metal Arc Welding

1 Week (40 clock hours)

Tuition: $2,300.00
This course is only available on certain start dates. Please refer to Admissions for more information.  Minimum of 4 Students.

Course Description: This course is for welders with GMAW experience on steel that want to learn GMAW on aluminum. Students will learn Aluminum GMAW welding safety and instruction in the spray and pulse spray transfers. Completion of this course prepares students with the skills to weld aluminum with the GMAW process in all positions.
Topics covered:

  • Modes of metal transfer in GMAW
  • Basic Aluminum Metallurgy
  • Filler Metal Selection
  • Metal preparation for aluminum welding
  • Benefits of a push-pull gun over a spool gun

Upon successful completion of the course the student should be:

  • Equipped with the skills to perform the 3G & 4G Limited w/backing weld qualification test.
  • Prerequisites: Potential students must have experience in the GMAW process on steel.

Employer Testimonials

TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial

American Crystal Sugar Co.

“The staff at Lynnes Welding Training is exceptional to work with, especially when it comes to organizing training sessions or last minute attendee changes. American Crystal employees appreciate the individual ...
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Workforce Training Testimonial


Lynnes Welding Training’s contributions to QA1 have helped our business secure the quality and compliance that we are continually looking to improve.  Dave Lynnes and his staff enthusiastically brought their ...
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“Lynnes goes beyond the basic weld development of its students which has been proven through the alumni we have working with us today. If you are looking for a fast ...
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Dakota Bodies

“We’ve had over 50 of our aluminum Welders trained at Lynnes over the last 6 years.  Great instructors, detailed course, practical applications, with high retention when back on the job.  ...
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TestimonialWorkforce Training Testimonial


“As a large employer in a tight job market – we needed an edge to ensure we had qualified Talent working on our production line.  With a very small pool ...
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