Learn How To Weld In Quick, Efficient Welding Courses

Located in Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota, our welding school teaches the welding skills that employers want–MIGTIGStick and Pipe welding.

Our welding courses account for many individual skill levels and are a great way to learn to weld for all levels of welding experience. Welding training students may progress to professional welders, or use welding as part of their hobby. The training is designed as a combination of hands-on welding experience and classroom theory. You will learn to weld with confidence!

“At Lynnes Welding Training, our mission is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career in the welding industry. Through the use of our proven training system, students become highly skilled and employable welders in a fraction of the time of traditional welding school methods”.

Small Classes Big Learning

Class size is limited to maximize learning and allow each student to have their own welding machine. This type of one-to-one approach ensures that students get maximize arc time, which accounts for approximately 90% of the time actually spent in the welding booth. The rest of the time, a student is receiving classroom presentations.

Expert Welding Instructors

Lynnes Welding Training certified instructors are well experienced in teaching methods as well as in hands-on skills. With decades of  experience and many types of certifications, Lynnes’ welding instructors offer knowledge and techniques, so that students are able to maximize their experience at our welding school. Learn from welding teachers that has actual experience in many aspects of the welding industry.

Career Ready Skills

Graduating students leave with confidence, skill and pride as well as a sound understanding of safety and arc welding. Lynnes Welding Training has taught thousands of students using these valuable techniques. Start your welding career in 12 weeks not 2 years. Classes start monthly — all year round.

Why Lynnes Welding Training Is A Good Choice?

  • Completion of all courses in 3 months (vs. 2 years)
  • Select and specialize in a specific welding process
  • Faster path to a well paying job as a skilled welder
  • More emphasis on welding in the booth
  • Excellent student to teacher ratio—as maximum of 12 students per class
  • All material is pre-cut for the students
  • Less expensive than traditional schooling
  • Open 50 weeks per year—Classes starting monthly
  • No “General” classes (e.g. Algebra, English, etc.)
  • Limited homework