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For Parents

Parents start here in helping your student make a career choice.

Your child is graduating or has graduated already and is struggling on deciding a post high school career path. As a parent, you too may like some tools to assist the student to a career that fits their personality and provides a successful future.

Here are some steps to guide the process.

  • Review training options. Ask if welding training “fits” with their personality and career goals.
    Explore the Is a Welding Career the Right Choice for You? page to learn more about a job in the welding industry.
  • Explore financing options. Our financial page is a good place to start, then call us to discuss further options.
  • Find the training program that fits your student. Contact us with questions, schedule a tour — give us the opportunity to show how Lynnes Welding Training can be the right choice.


This web site is a good source for more answers.
Tips for parents of students looking at a welding career. 
Check it out, then contact us to start the enrollment process.


Parent Testimonial:

“My son, Kolby, right after high school graduation was struggling to find his career path. He is not an “academic” but I want to be clear when I say that, it does not mean he isn’t smart, because he is very smart! He just is not the college composition paper writing kind of guy. Or taking Psychology 101. I did not want him to just automatically enroll in a four year or community college because that’s “what you do.”  I knew this would not fit his skillset in so many ways and he would be defeated when it just didn’t feel right.”

“One day, I stumbled upon Lynnes Welding Training, Inc in Fargo, ND. When Kolby got home that day, I showed him online what the program looked like and that he can get loans. We decided to visit the school. I cannot say how wonderful every staff member is at that school, from office staff to the teachers.”

“This program is all about welding, no composition classes or speech classes and you come out of this school certified in every type of welding you can think of. Kolby was getting job offers before he was even done with school. He finished school on a Friday and started his career on Monday. I say career because he was offered a great salary, paid vacation, paid sick leave, health insurance and is working with a great group of guys. Kolby found his niche thanks to Lynnes Welding Training. I think every school counselor in ND should have the information about Lynnes Welding. Not every student is an academic and meant for a four year college. We all learn differently and this niche that Lynnes fills is irreplaceable. Check them out if you want a good education and a great job in just TWELVE WEEKS!”

~Jana D.

The Lynnes Welding Training Difference!

Skills Gained

Our desire is to graduate students with the right skills that employers want and need.
Hands-on learning. A majority of your day is in the booth gaining actual welding experience.

Time Learning

Our combination welder program can be completed in 12 weeks!
Our skills courses are 1-3 weeks.

Your Training

Excellent student to teacher ratio 12 to 1
Highly qualified industry experienced instructors

The Future

We strive to teach you a base of knowledge that continues to serve you in the future – learning and growing on the job.

Contact us today to get the process started!

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