Is a Welding Career the Right Choice for You?

What Do You Want in a Career?

  • A challenging career with life-long learning opportunities.
  • The possibility of a variety of employment positions
  • A physically active career
  • Job portability. Professional welders are needed world-wide.
  • Good compensation for your skills!
  • A lifetime of personal growth opportunities.

Making a career choice is sometimes overwhelming!

Will this job make me happy?

Will it challenge me?

Will it pay enough?

Can I advance in the industry?

These are all valid questions when choosing a career. A career in the welding industry answers those questions and more. Jobs in the welding industry have a wide and varied range of responsibilities, skills, demands and compensation.

Whether you are a “gotta move” person or someone comfortable in a office, you can choose positions such as: line production welding, robotic welder operator, supervisors, welding inspectors, highly specialized careers in pipeline and underwater welding. The opportunities are endless.

To learn more about careers in welding American Welding Society (AWS) has created a website to explore what is a “welding job”.

Careers in Welding – AWS

Another great source to explore.

Welding and Metalworking Career Guide


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