Campus Security Polices and Procedures

The following information is provided and updated annually as directed by the U.S. Department of Education through Public Law 101-542, the “Criminal Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990”.

Reporting of Criminal Incidents:  LWT strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students and staff members. All students and staff members are to report any suspicious activities to any staff member immediately after witnessing, verbally and in writing. LWT will then take appropriate action based upon the information given by the student or staff member. Local law enforcement authorities will also be notified if necessary.

Crime Log:  LWT has a crime log that is available upon request from the Admissions Department. The crime log is updated when there is a crime reported verbally and in writing to an LWT staff member.

Current Crime Statistics:   A list of all criminal incidences reported during the prior three-year period can be obtained from the office and will be provided for students during orientation or print a paper copy here 2021 Fargo Campus Security, Drug & Crime Statistics or 2021 Bismarck Campus Security, Drug & Crime Statistics.

Early Warning:  If there is an impending danger at the school where students need to be notified, LWT Admissions Department will send out a text message to all enrolled students from our student tracking system not to come to school until they get a text message stating it is safe to do so.

Timely Notification:  If there is an incident or a crime that has occurred where students and staff need to be made aware, the Admissions Department will send out an email to all enrolled students and staff informing them of the incident that occurred, date, time, and location.