Student Services

Advising and Counseling:

LWT offers assistance and resources to students that are needing or wanting resources on coping skills (e.g., life, career development, budget, and personal financial planning skills); graduate employment assistance; and information concerning housing, transportation, and child care.  Each school has a binder with the different resources available and is updated and maintained by the Student Services Coordinator/Admissions Departments.  Additionally, these resources are available for electronic delivery if necessary.

Information regarding the student including academic advising; testing and tutoring services; supervision and monitoring of attendance records and leaves of absence can be obtained by the student(s) Instructor/Admissions Department.  For more information regarding the LWT Student Satisfactory Academic Progress, Attendance, and Leaves of Absence Policies, refer to the Academics section of the LWT Course Catalog.

Students wanting to obtain individual information on their own progress on attendance and grading are encouraged to sign up and use the Student Portal.  The website to sign-up/login is  Initial sign-up will require the Social Security Number, email address, and date of birth of the student.

Students can also find professional counseling services at the following locations:


The Village Family Service Center
Fargo: 701-451-4900
Bismarck: 701-255-1165


Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
Fargo/Moorhead: 701-293-7273
Abused Adult Resource Center:
Bismarck: 701-222-8370

Student Records:

LWT maintains an educational record for all currently enrolled students that consists of all Admissions Requirement documents, academic progress reports; records related to tuition and fee payments, refunds, and financial aid; and information upon which a student’s initial and continued enrollment is based.  These records are maintained during the student’s enrollment and for five years post the student’s graduation, withdrawal, or termination date.

Official Transcripts are available to Alumni by request only.

Employment Assistance:

In order to assist our students in becoming employed welders, we make every attempt to expose our students to employment opportunities in the local and regional market.

On a regular basis, LWT will bring in employers and employment agencies to address the students and let them know of the opportunities available in the marketplace for welders.

LWT will maintain a “Opportunities in Welding” board in the classroom for career options in the area to assist the students and alumni.

Further, when LWT becomes aware of welding careers directly from employers making requests of LWT to help fill their employment positions, LWT will contact students/alumni to the extent that the student’s contact information is current and up to date.

Student computers are available for welding career searches and resume writing with access to printing.  LWT Student Service Coordinators provide students with assistance on resume building, proofing, along with mock interviews to help prepare them for upcoming welding interviews that they might have

LWT is available to our enrollees and alumni for career placement assistance.  Contact any office for more details.

In addition to our efforts on placement assistance, an alumnus who is seeking their first welding career opportunity can come back and practice without a charge.  This opportunity is only applicable if following conditions are all met:

  1. It is within 60 days from the alumnus graduation date from LWT
  2. It is a one-time practice session
  3. It will be limited to no more than 2 hours

Student Complaints:

If a student should have concerns or complaints against the school, please see the Complaint Policy and Procedures under the Consumer Information section of the LWT Course Catalog.

Questions or further assistance contact our Student Service Coordinators

Jessica Johnson FARGO 701-373-0658
Rhonda Klocke BISMARCK 701-751-4256