ND Vocational Rehabilitation

The ND Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (ND DVR)

DVR is part of the ND Department of Human Services. DVR is funded by the federal and state government (funding share is 78.7% federal and 21.3% state) and is authorized in the Rehabilitation Act of 1978, as amended with the most recent amendments in 1998. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) employment programs provide training and employment services to individuals with disabilities so they can become and remain employed. Referral forms available to print here.

Services include (but are NOT limited to)
    • Diagnosis and evaluation
    • Vocational counseling and planning
    • Information and referral
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Physical and mental restoration services
    • Employment maintenance
    • Transportation
    • Vocational training including supported employment
    • Job placement and follow-up

Eligibility for individuals who want to obtain or maintain employment is based on the following:

    • The individual must have a physical or mental impairment
    • The physical or mental impairment must affect the individual’s ability to obtain or maintain employment
    • The individual must require Vocational Rehabilitation services

DVR has a responsibility to serve anyone who is eligible and living in the state.
We coordinate with the North Dakota Tribal 121 Vocational Rehabilitation Projects to serve American Indians with disabilities. American Indians can choose to receive services from state and/or tribal Vocational Rehabilitation programs.

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