All students’ academic progress will be monitored by the school to ensure that the student is progressing satisfactorily in their chosen course.  This policy is the same for all students, regardless of whether they are receiving financial aid from Title IV funding or not.   Students will be evaluated at the half-way point of their course.

The Financial Aid office will review Combination Welder I Program and Combination Welder II Program students’ academic and attendance records after the successful completion of half of the program.  SAP is measured with both a qualitative standard and a quantitative standard.

Our overall grading system is weighted on 30% welding knowledge and theory, 60% welding training and 10% on attendance.

Theory and welding training is graded on the

following scale:

100%-90%        = A
89%-80%          = B
79%-70%          = C
69%-60%          = D
59%-or lower    = F

LWT does not round percentages when looking at SAP measurements.

If a Financial Aid student is not maintaining SAP at the evaluation point, they will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. Due to the length of our programs at LWT a student who is placed on warning is eligible to receive Title IV aid.

The maximum timeframe to complete the Combination Welder I Program or the Combination Welder II Program is 108% of the published program length.

The following situations are not applicable to Lynnes Welding Training, there for would have no effect on SAP.  Incompletes, repetitions, noncredit remedial courses, summer terms, transfer credits, second degree, and changes in major.