Time clocks are used in both schools to ensure that there is accurate documentation of the student’s attendance while attending school.  Our attendance policy is being driven by our Program Advisory Committee that is led by industry leaders and is expected by industry for the future employment of our students.

Students must be in attendance for at least 95% of each program (Combination Welder I Program and Combination Welder II Program) and at least 90% of each Skills course.  This is necessary to successfully complete the welding program, and to receive welder qualification forms and a certificate of completion.  LWT will make every effort to allow make-up time for legitimate absences such as illness, death, etc.  Make-up time is dictated by instructor and booth availability.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the school if they are late or absent.

These are the maximum allowable hours that a student may be absent from each course:

120 hour course                                     12 hours
200 hour course                                     20 hours
480 hour course                                     24 hours
640 hour course                                     32 hours

If a student drops below 97% of the Combination Welder I Program and Combination Welder II Program or below 95% of the Skills course, administrative staff and instructors will make every effort to notify the student.  Attendance is taken very serious in order to pass the course.  If a student fails to maintain this requirement, LWT will be forced to take further action. This can include expulsion from LWT.

If a student is having any issues that are affecting their attendance, the LWT President may be able to support the student’s written request for special consideration. However, be aware that:

  1. The student must approach the Instructor and/or Admissions staff.
  2. LWT will find it hard to support written requests if the student has not attended classes regularly.
  1. Excused absences shall be made up within the time frame of the course. If the time is not made up within the allotted time frame, the student forfeits the right to make up that time.
  2. Documentation is required to determine the legitimacy of the excused absence. Excused absences can include:
    1. Student illness
    2. Death in immediate family
    3. Required court appearances

Tardy to class:  When a student arrives more than 5 minutes late to class at the beginning of the day or after lunch, they are considered tardy.  If a student is tardy a total of 6 times, they will be written up as a warning in a meeting with the Instructor and Admissions Department.  If a student is tardy a total of 10 times, it will be a requirement to talk to the School President.  If an occurrence is going to happen beyond the student’s control, they are responsible for notifying the school.  Poor attendance while attending courses at LWT, could affect the employment opportunities available to the student.

No Call/No Show:  If a student does not notify the school and does not come to class for two consecutive days, they are terminated from their course in which they are enrolled in.

Missed time clock punches:  If a student does not punch in for the day, they will be counted as absent for the day. Time clock correction forms are available to the students who need them to correct a mistake. The time clock correction form must be filled out on the day it happened. Students are required to punch in/out at the beginning and end of each day, as well as for lunch breaks.

Job Interview/Searches:  For the students that are in good standing with attendance and grades, there are permittable excused times for applying for jobs or going to a job interview during school hours, only if the instructor approves of the student leaving. Students are only able to be excused for two job interviews during the length of their course.  In addition, students are only able to be excused if they have completed a resume/mock interview session and are 3/4 of the way through their course.

Admissions Department will supply the student with a form that is to be filled out by the employer and is to be brought back to the school to show that the student was where they were supposed to be.  LWT encourages all students to be at school at all times for optimal success.

Military Obligations:  LWT supports those brave individuals in the Military.  For the students who have required time in the Military in where they will be absent from LWT, it is a requirement that they provide the Admissions Department and Instructor with their schedule.  This will allow the student to have their time excused while fulfilling their military obligation.  LWT only allows one instructional day a month to be dedicated to this while enrolled.  Make up time for military obligations is not mandatory, however is beneficial to the student for optimal success if the student chooses to.  If the student wants to make up the time, the arrangements will need to be made between the student and Instructor.