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Through the month of October, we have had a few special guests from the American Welding Society visit our school.

Ray Shook & Sam Gentry

AWS Executive Director Ray Shook and AWS Foundation Executive
Director Sam Gentry came to Fargo to tour our school and meet our staff
October 12th & 13th.  It was a pleasure to have the both of them visit us in Fargo.




AWS President Dave McQuaidAWS President Dave McQuaid visited our Fargo School Monday, October 24th and presented on some of his bridge and weld repair experiences. He explained what caused weld failures, how to repair them, and what could have been done to prevent the welds from failing. Dave has an extensive background in bridges and we all found it to be very interesting to learn how a bridge is built.

Thanks for taking time out of all of your schedules to visit us!