WIOA Grants For ND Residents

North Dakota Residents:

Tuition, books, fees, and supplies can be paid for through programs administered by Job Service North Dakota. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federally funded program that provides training assistance to eligible individuals. Click here for specific training opportunities and eligible training provider information.

Job Service Resources: Contact your nearest Job Service North Dakota office.
North Dakota Adults and Dislocated Workers:
Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Job Service North Dakota provides an array of services to help individuals meet their employment goals. A variety of job search assistance services are available to all individuals. Expanded services are available to qualifying individuals, and may include: in-state job search assistance; in-state relocation assistance; identification of skills, and assistance in upgrading skills.

Youth Employment and Training:
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Employment and Training Program provides youth with a broad range of year-round coordinated services. These services include academic and occupational learning assistance, leadership development, preparation for further education, additional training, and eventual employment. Youth have access to all of the required program elements as needed through Job Service North Dakota.

Trade Adjustment Assistance:
The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program provides assistance to workers who are losing or who have lost their jobs due to foreign competition. An employer, labor representative, or a group of workers may submit a petition to the Department of Labor for a determination. Additional information and the petition form may be found at www.doleta.gov/tradeact.

MET Resources: Contact local MET offices.
Have you had any Ag related work in the past two years? The NFJP program partners with community organizations and state agencies to counter the chronic unemployment and underemployment experienced by farm workers who depend primarily on jobs in agricultural labor performed across the country.