The North Dakota Association of Counties/ILG Scholarship

The NDACo scholarship program was created in 1998 to assist county families afford college. Children and grandchildren of county officials and employees who are entering or already engaged in undergraduate studies or pursuing technical post-secondary education are eligible to apply. This includes step-family members. The scholarship fund is supported by county donors from across the state and corporate sponsors like Nationwide Retirement Solutions. Thanks to their generosity, annual awards have grown from $500 to $2,000, totaling more than $100,000 in scholarships!

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Thank you to all who contribute!

In 2010, the Amy Svihovec Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Amy Svihovec, daughter of Linda Svihovec, former Auditor and Treasurer of McKenzie County. Amy’s scholarship has been supported by additional memorial funds of friends and family members, along with a long-term commitment from the Svihovec family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I submit my application electronically?
A: Yes. You can scan documents and email them to [email protected]. You can have your recommendation letters and your transcripts emailed to that address as well, and it never hurts to give us a heads-up that they are coming to us separately. Fax is also acceptable at 701-328-7308.

Q: How do you define “county employee or official”
A: Any elected commissioner and all other elected or appointed officials and all employees who are currently on the payroll of a county; in other words, if the county writes their paycheck, or pays it indirectly by funding the employer, such as a health district.

Q: Does this include part-time employees?
A: Yes, if they are “permanent part-time.” This does not include seasonal employees.

Q: Does this include appointed board members?
A: No. Members of the Park Board, Water Board, etc. are not considered county employees.

Q: Does this include past employees?
A: No, however if the parent/grandparent is employed at the time the scholarship application is submitted and their employment ends AFTER the application, the application will still be valid.

Q: Can graduate students apply?
A: No, the scholarship is for undergraduates only.

Q: Can juniors and seniors in high school apply if they are taking online or dual credit college classes?

A: No. The scholarships are intended for those enrolled as full-time students in an accredited North Dakota institution.

Q: Which institutions are eligible?

A: Any accredited institution of higher learning in North Dakota. This includes private colleges, technical training centers and all schools in the NDUS System. To look up any institution’s accreditation status, please visit

Q: How are recipients chosen?

A:  A selection committee reviews all applications carefully, judging them on community service, personal/professional accomplishments and academics with the emphasis on leadership potential.


If you have any further questions about the NDACo Scholarship program, please contact Jeff Eslinger at 800-932-8730 or [email protected].