Lynnes Welding Training Scholarship

LWT has established the Lynnes Welding Training Scholarship with the AWS Foundation, Inc.  That scholarship is open from December 1st and closes on May 1st for the next Award Year.

Three scholarships will be given out, one for each of our locations for $500 each

To apply you may apply at and follow directions.  This scholarship opens up soon!

Here are some requirements:

  • Your overall grade point average, which must be 1.8 GPA (or 45% GED) or over
  • one letter of recommendation as to your credibility, skills and/or focus
  • an essay (300-500 words in length, typewritten and double spaced) indicating:
    1. How you will use your welding training and education.
    2. Why you are pursuing this scholarship (i.e. need).

Please note: Recipients of this scholarship must take the Combination Welder I or Combination Welder II Program within one year of receiving the scholarship.