Transfer Policy

Since LWT measures its period of attendance in clock hours rather than credit hours, credits earned at other institutions are not accepted. There are no articulation or transfer agreements with any other colleges or universities.  However, if the student has current up-to-date welding certifications from other facilities, LWT can waive the requirements needed for certain courses.

Transfer between two courses may only be done if the two courses start dates are on the same date. If transferring from a Skills Course to a Program, different enrolment requirements are required and must be met before the transfer can be approved.

Transfers will only be considered if the student is within the boundaries of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), see SAP in the Academic section regarding the guidelines. The remaining tuition for the selected transfer course must be paid in full, loan arrangement in place, or an authorization from an agency has been received before the transfer is approved.

Students wanting to do a transfer will need to obtain the “Transfer Form” from the Admissions Department. Once the form is filled out and submitted to the school, Admissions will take into consideration all Transfer Policy requirements and notify the student if the transfer is accepted verbally and in writing, effective immediately.

The following situations are not applicable to Lynnes Welding Training, there for would have no effect on SAP.  Incompletes, repetitions, noncredit remedial courses, summer terms, transfer credits, second degree, and changes in major.