Academic or Attendance Warning
LWT continuously monitors each student’s GPA and attendance records.  If at any point a student’s GPA falls below the 80% (B) level or if the student falls below 97% in attendance, of the course they are enrolled in, they will receive a written warning from their instructor. The students’ instructor will alert the Financial Aid Office, if the student is a Financial Aid recipient, the Financial Aid Office will send out a Pre-Financial Aid Warning Letter.

Academic or Attendance Probation
Students must maintain a 70% (C) GPA and be in attendance for at least 95% of each program (Combination Welder I Program and Combination Welder II Program) and 90% of each Skills course they are enrolled in. If a student has fallen below these guidelines the student will be placed on Academic or Attendance Probation. The student will meet with their Instructor and Admissions Department to set an academic plan for the student to regain graduation eligibility. The Financial Aid Office will be alerted if this happens when the student is a Financial Aid recipient. If a Financial Aid student is not maintaining SAP at the evaluation point, they will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. Due to the length of our programs at LWT a student who is placed on probation is eligible to receive Title IV aid, however, if the student is terminated due to not meeting the guidelines of their probation, they will still be required to repay their student loans and may have to return portion of their student loans and/or Pell Grant monies to the Department of Education. Situations based on injury, illness, death of a relative, or other special circumstances which would explain why SAP is not being made will be taken into consideration.

Appeal Process
If not making SAP due to situations such as injury, illness, death of a relative, or other special circumstances, the student would reach out to the Financial Aid Office to fill out a SAP Appeal Form. Appeals will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

If a student is dismissed from LWT based on an unsuccessful SAP while receiving Title IV funding, please refer to the Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

The following situations are not applicable to Lynnes Welding Training, there for would have no effect on SAP.  Incompletes, repetitions, noncredit remedial courses, summer terms, transfer credits, second degree, and changes in major.