A LOA is a temporary interruption in a student’s course of study. A LOA allows a student to return from a LOA back to the point in which the training was interrupted and not repeat coursework previously completed. LWT ensures that the course that the LOA was taken from will be available upon the student’s return, allowing the student to complete the coursework that he or she began prior to the LOA.

LOA’s are discouraged since they are disruptive to the continuity of training.  Any student requesting a LOA must obtain a LOA Form from the Admissions Department.  Once the form is filled out and signed by the student and the school, the student will be notified if it is approved.

A student may be granted a LOA for circumstances beyond the control of the student.  This could include, but not limited to:

Emergency leaves without properly filling out the LOA Form, may be granted, provided the student completes the LOA Form and returns it to the school via mail or in person.

The maximum period for a LOA is 60 calendar days. The school permits more than one LOA in a 12-month period if the total number of days of all Leaves of Absence do not exceed 60 calendar days in a 12-month period.