During and at the end of each program or skills course, SENSE written test and welding samples will be tested to determine the student’s ability to successfully complete and pass each course(s).  Weld samples are tested to AWS, ASME and API welding codes.

Our overall grading system is weighted on 30% welding knowledge and theory, 60% welding training and 10% on attendance.

Students must be in attendance for at least 95% of each program (Combination Welder I Program and Combination Welder II Program) and at least 90% of each Skills course.  For more specific details, please refer to the Attendance Policy.

Theory and welding training are graded on the following scale:

100%        –       90%                 = A
89%        –       80%                 = B
79%        –       70%                 = C
69%        –       60%                 = D
59%        –       or lower             = F

Students must maintain an average of a “C” or higher in order to pass the course(s).
0% – 69% = unsatisfactory/failed
70% – 100% = satisfactory/passed

All of this is necessary to successfully complete our welding course(s) and are required to receive welder qualification forms and a certificate of completion(s).