Course Tuition – Ramsey, MN

Tuition and welding supplies (if applicable) must be paid in full before the student starts the first day of class, unless a funding commitment letter has been received from a pre-approved outside funding source or agency for the tuition. LWT accepts cashier’s checks, money orders, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover (nonrefundable 3% convenience fee for all credit card purchases).

All required documents and payment arrangements are preferred to be received two weeks prior to the start date.

Tuition is based on the course length and time of day. Tuition is as follows for 2021 – 2022:

1 week (40 hours) Course                                $1,575.00
2 weeks (80 hours) Course                              $2,950.00
3 weeks (120 hours) Course                            $4,300.00
5 weeks (200 hours) Course                            $6,565.00
5 weeks (200 hours) Pipe Course                  $8,350.00
12 weeks (480 hours) Course                          $15,100.00

Please note that Specialty Classes have different pricing, please refer to the Specialty Classes section for pricing or contact the school for more information.


Leather steel toe boots are also required but are not available to purchase through the school.

Students are also required to purchase a grinder for the Pipe Skills Courses and the Combination Welder I Program (It is recommended an 11 amp, 11,000 RMP, 4.5” grinder be purchased).  Please note, ALL grinders must have a safety guard.

All students are required to have the following supplies at the beginning of their class:  welding jacket, welding gloves, safety glasses, auto darkening helmet with extra lenses, welders cap, fillet weld gage, and welper pliers.  These can be purchased through the school if the student so desires and arranges with the school.

If the student chooses to have the school prepare the supplies for them for the first day, LWT offers a Safety Gear Package.

Safety Gear Package $655.00 Sizes Medium – 5XL

  • This package includes an industrial duffle bag, Viking(tm) black 3350 auto-darkening helmet, Welding Face Shield, Shadow(tm) Split Leather-Sleeved Jacket, Roll Cage(tm) Welding Rigging Gloves and a pair of all traditional Mig/Stick welding gloves, a pair of Tig gloves, full leather steelworker(tm) gloves, Finish Line(tm) Clear Safety Glasses, a doo rag style welders cap, Split Leather fire resistant welding sleeves, fillet weld gage, welper pliers, pipe wedge, tape measure and an aluminized pad for over the gloves.

Please note that once the Safety Gear Package have been purchased, they are nonrefundable, and all sales are final.

Disbursement of Safety Gear Packages (if purchased through LWT) and books will be provided to students on first day of instruction.