Customers Who Value Our Customized Welding Training

“Preference Personnel is very pleased with the skill level and quality of the students that Lynnes Welding Training has produced. We have been able to place a number of his graduates in full-time positions. He not only covers welding skills, he also trains his students in work ethic and other social skills. Job well done!

Darlene Brandvold
Staffing Consultant
Preference Personnel

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking and participating in Dave’s welding classes! I would highly recommend it to anyone with any interest in welding.”

Nate, welder at
Case New Holland

“I have contracted Dave’s Welding for custom welding and have also hired several students that have completed his school, Lynnes Welding Training. The students, as well as the welding performed, have exceeded my expectations. We are fortunate to have these services available in the community.”

Jim Rudlang
Fargo Tank

“CNH America LLC, Fargo Plant, home to nearly 150 welders, has enjoyed an excellent working partnership with Lynnes Welding Training. We have successfully established a joint union/management welding training program with Lynnes Welding Training that has yielded excellent results.”

Shawn Erickson
HR Representative
CNH Fargo Plant

“We are in process of setting up a new factory in Nogales, Mexico. As part of the project we are doing MIG welding with operators that speak Spanish. I located Dave’s company on the internet and was impressed with his background and experience. After evaluating several potential trainers including a supplier that would have provided training at little or no cost I selected Dave’s company. The selection was based on the need to set up equipment and to get the operators up to speed producing quality welds.”

John W. Petty
GE Consumer & Industrial
Specialty Transformer

“Lynnes Welding was very friendly, convenient, and accommodating in helping our welders obtain required certifications”. ” Dave and his staff are very knowledgeable and were willing to work with our schedule on short notice.”

Ben Struckel,
Manufacturing Engineer
Rapat Corporation

“As a carpet cleaning machine manufacturer, I needed to diversify into other aspects of the industry. This meant manufacturing my own stainless steel products. As a result of this, I decided to find a school that could offer training in TIG welding. It took me about two months to find a suitable school. Lynnes Welding Training was selected from the internet. Although I am a British company, I did not hesitate to attend Lynnes Welding Training school in the U.S.A.

I found the course very comprehensive in all aspects of welding, together with experienced certified instructors. Everyone else within the company is so helpful, friendly and polite. I would highly recommend the 80 hour course for people starting in the industry with no previous welding experience. Thank you very much to all the staff and instructors at Lynnes Welding Training.”

Vernon Purcell

April 2010 – Dakota Bodies, Inc. is located in Watertown, South Dakota. Our company began business in 1997 as a Body manufacturer. Today, within our company, we currently employ around 100 people. Our manufacturing facility is geared toward providing our customers with line bodies, flatbeds, superstructures, and service bodies. Our end user base includes utility companies and municipalities, commercial construction companies, and various other end users. Body base material construction consists of Galvannealed Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum materials.

Within our demographic of business, there has been a shift in focus to providing more Aluminum constructed products. This is due in part to the “Green Imitative” taking place today. The benefits of aluminum construction are less weight to allow for greater payload capacities and /or reduced weight and better fuel mileage, corrosion resistance, and it is easily recyclable.

In the fall of 2009, we contacted Lynnes Welding Training regarding setting up a training program and subsequent certifications for our welding personnel. Dakota Bodies sent 30 individuals to the Fargo, ND location for 40 hrs of classroom, metallurgy, shop training, and testing and certifications in aluminum welding. The result of our decision to utilize Lynnes Welding training has allowed us to currently have greater than 90% of our welding shop certified in aluminum welding. We can provide a higher quality product and expand our product offerings to our customers.

Our overall satisfaction with Lynnes Welding Training is very high. From the communication and friendly people to work with during setting up the training, to the knowledgeable and friendly training staff, and the quality of the equipment used for the training. I would highly recommend Lynnes Welding Training to any company looking to provide their employees with more knowledge and skillsets for the job.


Jody Stack
General Manager
Dakota Bodies, Inc.