Student Testimonials

Good words from the welding students of Lynnes Welding Training.

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Welding Training Graduate Explains Her Career Change Choice
Welding Student Likes The One-On-One Attention
Welding School Graduate Likes Focused Approach To Learning
Lynnes Welding Training Student from Alaska attends our Fargo welding school.
Lynnes Welding Training Graduate wins contest!

In Students’ Words…

“I was looking for a job that had potential for growth, and welding showed promise.  The choices I had were limited and I needed to work as soon as possible.  I chose Lynnes Welding Training, Inc. for the programs they provided, they are very diverse in the welding choices you can take.  I loved the amount of teacher to student time allotted.  Going to LWT has let me get into my current job and keep it even though a growing job force.”


Timothy Haagenstad  Combination Welder I Program Graduate 2013

“I chose Lynnes Welding Training, Inc. because it was fast, you get trained quickly and effectively.  That way you have the correct training to do your job with the correct quality needed for the job.  I liked everything about LWT, I liked the fast learning and the small classes so you are able to have close to one on one training and learning.  They also have helped me a lot in every job that I needed them and then branched off of what I learned in school to become better with Blueprints, welding techniques, and just pure skill.”

Sean DaleySean Daley  Combination Welder I Graduate 2013

After 28 years of welding off and on with different processes (TIG, MIG,Stick and Gas), I felt I was an ok welder. Now, after taking the 12 week Combination Course at Lynnes Welding Training, I now realize how vast a body of welding knowledge is available to students and veterans alike.

Processes change over time, staying up to date or learning a new process is always a good investment for my future earnings.
I not only qualified 6G GTAW on pipe, but gained a valuable insight into my chosen trade. I can continue to to expand my skills almost limitlessly. Now, I can say I have real welding skills and apply them.
This course was the best choice I could have made and recommend any of the Lynnes Welding Training courses highly.
Dave and his staff gave me the skills and confidence to progress in my career, and they can help you too.

Give them a call or check out the school. You won’t be disappointed. Good Luck!

George Keck
Owner of Harvest Time LLC

“I had heard the advertisements on the local radio and thought this would be a great opportunity for me to gain a career and make some decent money. I had MIG welding experience and wanted to get into the Pipe Welding career. By the end of my five weeks, I had a job offer with very good pay! I would recommend Lynnes Welding Training to everyone – the small class sizes and one-on-one instruction was a great way to learn.

Luke Balstad
Winger, MN

“Preference Personnel is very pleased with the skill level and quality of the students that Lynnes Welding Training has produced. We have been able to place a number of his graduates in full-time positions. He not only covers welding skills, he also trains his students in work ethic and other social skills. Job well done!

Darlene Brandvold
Staffing Consultant
Preference Personnel

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking and participating in Dave’s welding classes! I would highly recommend it to anyone with any interest in welding.”

Nate, welder at
Case New Holland

“It is nice to have Dave’s shop so close to DMI Industries, we have been able to utilize his shop and services for some customized training and have also hired some of his students to work at DMI.”

Jill Rotert
Human Resources
DMI Industries

“I came seeking a new skill and discovered a whole lot more. With this craft, I can continue to learn and grow.”

Deb Rubin
Night-Class Student

“This course was great, I would recommend it to a friend”

Jacob Fortney
Welding Student

“This was an excellent class for those wanting to learn the basics of wire welding. You get all the hands-on you need to start a career or hobby.”

Ken Weindt

“From my background of growing up on a family farm, working since the age of 14, I sure learned a lot from this class in only 10 days. I would recommend this course to anyone from no experience to any experience. They provide training of all skill levels. A definite training course to take for all ages.”

Ryan Krabbenhoft
Age 23

“I have contracted Dave’s Welding for custom welding and have also hired several students that have completed his school, Lynnes Welding Training. The students, as well as the welding performed, have exceeded my expectations. We are fortunate to have these services available in the community.”

Jim Rudlang
Fargo Tank

“If you’ve welded before you still need to take Dave’s course, it’s like upgrading, you will be amazed of what you will learn, I did.”


“As a farmer in the Red River Valley we have machinery that breaks down from time to time. Previously we would have to contract out our repairs. This took both time and money. As a result I wanted to learn the necessary skills to complete these tasks myself and enrolled in the SMAW class for one week at Lynnes Welding Training.

I was so impressed with not only the professionalism, but also the level of education I received. I enrolled in and completed the one week course on TIG welding and 2 week course on MIG welding. After completing these courses I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who would either like to pursue a career in welding or someone in my position on the farm. Not only were they helpful beyond what I had thought they would be, but they continue to be a very helpful resource when I have problems that arise. In short, if you are looking for welding training, look to Lynnes Welding Training”. ”

Mark Andrews IV

April 2010– As a dislocated worker, I went through Minnesota Workforce Center & Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc.which helped me with my tuition to attend Lynnes Welding Training, Inc.

With having no welding background at all and attending Lynnes Welding Training, Inc., I participated in the “Behind the Mask” Welding Contest at Alexandria Technical College, sponsored by the American Welding Society (AWS) and placed 1st out of 81 total participants in the stick welding.

With just 12 weeks of training, Lynnes Welding Training, Inc., also assisted me in obtaining a job in western North Dakota, paying $23.00 an hour. In no other school will you have the opportunity to practice as much as we do.

You don’t learn how to weld by reading books. You learn by being behind the hood and laying wire. Great school, great staff and great opportunities.

Ryan Rogalla