GMAW-MIG 40hr & 80hr Welding Programs

Course Description:

The Gas Metal Arc Welding course is designed to teach welders about arc welding safety and the gas metal arc welding process (GMAW-MIG). This course last two weeks (80 hours) involving approximately 70 hours of booth instruction, and 10 hours of lecture and practice.

Course Content:

• Learn fundamentals of GMAW (MIG).
• Instruction on the metal arc transfer of short circuiting, globular, spray, and pulsed.
• How various shielding gasses affect gas metal arc welding.
• Individual booth time will be dedicated to welding on 11 ga. and 3/8” mild steel plate.
• Problems associated with welding situations and how to correct them.
• Maintenance of GMAW equipment.
• Welding Symbols.
• Oxy-Acetylene safety and hands on cutting.

Course Objective:

Each student will have an understanding of how the GMAW process works and be able to perform a fillet and groove weld in all positions. Read and draw fillet welding symbols and produce a quality cut with the oxy-acetylene torch. At the completion of the course each student will receive a certificate.


Need more advanced training? Attend our Advanced GMAW-MIG course that is designed to teach welders advanced techniques.