Student Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

Lynnes Welding Training, Inc., in compliance with state and federal regulations, will not tolerate sexual harassment of its students by anyone; including supervisors, faculty, customers, employees, visitors or other students.

Sexual harassment is defined as:
• Unwelcomed or unwanted sexual advances. This means patting, pinching, brushing up against, hugging, cornering, kissing, fondling or any other similar physical contact considered unacceptable by another individual.
• Requests or demands for sexual favors. This includes subtle or blatant expectations, pressures or requests for any type of sexual favor.
• Verbal abuse or kidding that is sexually-oriented and considered unacceptable by another individual. This includes commenting about an individual’s appearance where such comments go beyond mere courtesy; telling “dirty jokes” that are clearly unwanted or considered offensive by others; or any other tasteless, sexually-oriented comments, innuendoes or actions that offend others.
• Engaging in any type of sexually-oriented conduct that would interfere with another’s regular day-to-day performance.
• Creating an environment that is intimidating, hostile or offensive because of unwelcome or unwanted sexually-oriented conversations, suggestions, requests, demands, physical contacts or attentions.
• A student found to be in violation of this policy may be suspended or terminated – based upon findings by the HR department.

Reporting Student Sexual Harassment

Student reporting procedure:
1. Complaints and reports of sexual harassment, by or of any student of this facility, shall be brought to the attention of company HR or Instructor.
2. The individual receiving the report shall make an initial investigation and attempt to informally resolve the complaint, reporting in writing to the complainant and, when appropriate, to the accused, the recommendations to resolve the complaint.
3. School officials shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure there is no retaliation toward the complainant. Upon request, the complainant shall be guaranteed confidentiality.