Employment Opportunities

Welding job opportunities are excellent. Students can expect to find year round employment in manufacturing, and maintenance, as well as the construction industry. We work with staffing agencies, Job Service North Dakota and employers looking for skilled welders. We are listed on the Job Service North Dakota website as an Eligible Training Provider and working hand in hand with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

Lynnes Welding Training, Inc. is committed to assist you with your placement needs. The Career Services office (Office Assistant) is here to inform students about available career opportunities with companies that we have contacted or they have directly contacted us looking for students who are completing our program.

The Career Services office does not guarantee placement. Employment depends upon your records, initiative and recommendations, as well as state regional and national economic conditions.

Student credentials are on file in the Career Services office. The quality of the credentials is the student’s responsibility.

The placement board is located in the classroom. All employers and businesses seeking students will have the opportunity to post their information. Additionally, numerous job fairs are available in the community.

For more information contact the Career Service office at 701-373-0658.